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Read iPad Books on Nook Tablet

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reading ipad books on nook tabletWith the popularity of iPad 2, an increasing number of Tablet PC has been released in the year of 2011, including Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, etc. Unlike Apple's iPad 2, Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire has more reasonable price and similar functions. So if you are indulged in all kinds of digital products or you are planning to purchase an new Tablet PC in the future, maybe Nook Tablet is also a good choice for you.

iPad 2 is widely used as an eBook reader or movie player, so does Nook Tablet. But if you want to share iPad books to Nook Tablet, do you know how to do it? If you don't know and you have the demand, just continue reading this article. We'll show you how to read iPad books on Nook Tablet in details.

How to Read iPad Books on Nook Tablet?

Firstly, connect your iPad to computer. Then free download and launch the iPad to Computer Transfer on your computer. Then the program will automatically check your iPad contents and list it as followings:

how to copy ipad books to nook tablet

Secondly, choose the books which you want to read on Nook Tablet and click start icon to transfer books from ipad to nook tablet to copy iPad books to Nook Tablet freely. If you want, this program can do you a favor to transfer movies from iPad to computer for better enjoyment or file backup.

Subsequently, just connect your Nook Tablet to PC and transfer the books from computer to Nook Tablet with USB.
Tips: The iPad books here we mean ePub eBooks. If the books is not ePub format and it isn't supported by Nook Tablet, you can see the detailed steps for creating ePub eBooks.

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