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How to Import Address Book to iPad?

How to import address book to iPad? Actually, Putting a copy of your contacts file - also known as your electronic address book - on your iPad is quite easy, as long as you use up-to-date software. In this article, we will shows you the easiest way to import address book to iPad, and then you can follow the steps to sync your contacts to iPad instantly and freely!

Before we begin to import address book to iPad, it is essential for us to learn some system requirements about this topic. Windows users need to have their contacts stored in Outlook Express, Outlook 2003 or later. Meanwhile, Mac folks need to use at least Mac OS X 10.5 and the Mac OS X Address Book, which Apple’s Mail program uses to stash addresses. Now, let's us to start importing address book to iPad right now!

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How to Import Address Book to iPad?

Step 1. Connect your iPad to your computer and click its icon when it shows up in iTunes' Source list. (If you use Outlook or Outlook Express, launch that now, too). And then click the Info tab in the main part of the iTunes window.

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Step 2. Windows owners: Turn on the checkbox next to "Sync contacts from" and then use the drop-down menu to choose the program whose contacts you want to copy.
Mac owners: turn on the "Sync Address Book contacts" checkbox. If you want to sync contact groups, select them from the "Selected groups" box. You can also choose to import the photos in your contacts files.

Step 3. Click the "Apply" button in the lower-right corner of the iTunes window.

Done! Now you have imported address books to iPad. Furthermore, the iPad updates itself with the contact information stored in your address book. If you add new contacts while you have your iPad plugged in, choose "File Update iPad" or click the "Sync" button in iTunes to manually move the new data over to your tablet.

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